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The core of achieving global developmental goals is to ensure long-term sustainability. Sustainability is the use of resources in a way that does not deplete them and provides for their equal and responsible consumption by all. An essential way to achieve sustainable development is to empower people, through education and access, to respect and take responsibility for conserving their local resources. Through empowerment, people can take conscious ownership of their consumption habits and work to improve and adapt them. We work towards sustainability through our Ethical Commitments of Clear Objectives And Sustainable Outcomes, Working Against Dependency, and Responsible Exit Strategies.

Clear Objectives
and Sustainable Outcomes

Clear short, mid, and long term project objectives designed for sustainable outcomes are essential for development. Read our policies for ensuring this ethical best practice.

Responsible Exit

Important for sustainability is to plan our exit from a project in a way that leaves local organisations ready and able. Read the policies we use to implement this ethical best practice

Working Against

Self-empowerment through education and skills development leads to increased local capacity to do impactful work for themselves. Learn about our policies for working against dependency.

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