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Equal Partnerships


Every one of our stakeholders has an equal part to play in setting and achieving project objectives. When perceived power dynamics in a situation or relationship are unequal, then the contributions of some are devalued. This could lead to inequality and perpetuated disempowerment. But, if we work to ensure equal partnerships through education and mutual respect, then everyone can take on the role of both learner and teacher. Everyone is empowered to both contribute and benefit from each other equally. This work involves our Ethical Commitments of Clear Roles and Specialised Training and Local Ownership.

Clear Roles and Specialized Training

A clear understanding of the role each stakeholder plays in and giving the right training per role ensures that everyone can contribute fully. Read our policies to implement this best practice.

Local Ownership


It is important that the data, research, resources, or Intellectual Property from a location remains the property of local organizations. Learn about our policies that ensure local ownership.

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