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The ethos of collaboration is the foundation of every decision we make and everything we do as an organisation. A commitment to collaboration between all stakeholders ensures that everyone is included from the start. Our mission is to build a global network of people united by our passion to make an impact. To achieve the positive impact we want to see in the world, it will take collaboration at every level, between everyone. And for us, collaboration is created through our Ethical Commitments of Locally Driven, Collaborative Projects, and Respect For All.

Locally Driven,
Collaborative Projects

All of our projects are designed in collaboration with and driven by local organizations and communities. Learn more about the policies we use to implement this ethical best practice.

Respect for all


Respect for the skills, identities, perspectives and efforts of all our stakeholders is essential if we hope to achieve positive change. Read more about how we work to ensure respect for all.

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