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British Standards 8848

In keeping with our outstanding health and safety standards, exemplary level of support provided to our participants, and operationally integrated ethical principles, GVI is a British Standards 8848 compliant provider. 

British Standard 8848 is a guideline of best practices for providers of expeditions outside the United Kingdom. The purpose of the standard is to ensure the protection of those choosing to travel or tour with their selected provider. It protects participants both from physical and financial harm. 

The standard covers a comprehensive range of services that participants must be facilitated with in order ensure compliance with the standard. These include the below:

  • A range of standard safety protocols such as emergency communications and evacuation processes are in place. 
  • Public liability insurance is set up for all relevant aspects of the organisation. 
  • All participants have medical insurance before the program begins. 
  • Any risks involved are thoroughly assessed and appropriate safety protocols have been put in place.
  • Staff are adequately trained to deal with risks and provide the level of service promised. 
  • Staff have the relevant qualifications and experience to achieve the outcomes promised by the program. 
  • Participants are of the relevant level of skill to complete the activities that form part of the program. If not, the relevant training is provided to the participants allowing them to gain the appropriate level of skill within a reasonable time period. 
  • The level of risk, effort, and skill must be discussed with participants and participants are given the choice to participate or not. 
  • The provider has contingency plans in place to ensure that when promised activities cannot be completed, other, similar, activities are scheduled in their place. Providers are also required to make the reasons for these plans perfectly clear to participants. 

In addition, any third party accommodation, transport, and adventure activities that the provider uses must also be compliant with the guidelines of BS 8848

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