Thailand Elephant Wildlife Conservation Short Term Internship

Explore the beautiful region of the Chiang Mai province and gain practical research skills while working with Thailand's semi-wild elephants.

Durations:  4 - 12 weeks

Program information

Surrounded by beautiful forests, ornate temples and lush mountainous scenery, you will live and work amongst the famous Karen elephant-keeping communities who are renowned for the unique and sacred bond they have shared with elephants for hundreds of years. Discover this fascinating culture while monitoring the reintegration of elephants relieved from the tourist industry back into the forest, learning about the biodiversity of the area and teaching English to the local community.

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Included in your program

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Learn traditional Karen cooking

Connect with the Karen people's culture

Forage for forest medicine with a village elder

Visit Thailand's highest peak

Explore Thailand's elegant and mysterious waterfalls

See amazing biodiversity on a night trek

Take a sunrise hike up Two Tree Hill

Sleep under the stars alongside Asian elephants

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