South Africa Wildlife Conservation Short Term Internship

Kickstart your career in conservation by gaining invaluable work experience in the South African savannah.

Durations:  4 - 12 weeks

Program information

Call the South Africa savannah home for three months while earning wildlife conservation skills, work experience, and relevant qualifications that will set you up for your dream job in conservation on this South African wildlife conservation internship.

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Included in your program

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Learn to make a potjiekos

Develop your wildlife photography skills

Discover the medicinal uses of indigenous plants

Master basic bush survival skills

Watch a magical sunset at a watering hole

Enjoy a night sky safari

Walk through a prehistoric cycad forest

Sleep in the open bushveld

Connect with our alumni
Want to connect with some of our past participants about their adventures? Get in touch with hundreds of friendly ambassadors all over the world who would be more than happy to answer any questions.
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Jack Charles

16 Aug, 2021
Life in the bush with GVI is remarkable. Being able to go on drives twice a day almost 7 days a week is an experience of a life time. You will come to GVI for the wildlife, but the people are what will make you want to stay. I never thought I could get this close to people in such a short amount of time. I have also never had a more diverse group of friends, united by our passion for wildlife. My main piece of advice is to know that you are not on vacation. This a real job and not an easy one! The days are long and hard, but so so worth it. You are also living in the bush. This comes with creepy-crawlies, wild animals, often cold showers, and just not the most ideal things sometimes. But it is so so worth it. The wildlife and people here are not something I will soon forget.

Isabelle Cardoen

11 Aug, 2021
My name is Belle from Belgium and I just finished the 3 months wildlife conservation internship in South Africa Limpopo. I got involved with Gvi before the pandemic. I am a occupational therapist and before I started to work I did some volunteer work in Sri Lanka with wild elephants and sea turtles. This is where it all started, I wanted a career switch to working with animals. I had almost no background in conservation and I certainly didn’t have an academic background. Gvi has been the perfect first step for me, as it creates a lot of opportunities and career support after. A day at base would start waking up at the crack of dawn around 4.30am, we started with spotting for the animals in the dark and we saw every magical sunset. When we were back from drive we usually had lectures, or we worked on or papers, made lunch, relaxed or played volleyball. Around 3pm we left for drive and again we went searching for the animals. Next to all of this we also had focus drives focussing on camera traps, birds, trees, track and sign or invertebrates. I am amazed of the amount I learned in the bush and how I got interested for example in the birds and trees. The people at base really became my family and the staff has learnt me so much. At night we would sometimes hear the hyenas or a leopard. I will never forget the sounds and the feelings of being in the bush. I am still trying to figure out what to do in life so I am doing the ambassador program now so I can go to different bases to experience other programs. Right now I’m heading to Mexico to do marine conservation. With the credits I’ve earnt I am now going for the half of the price of the program.

Rebecca Smith

11 Oct, 2018
'In October 2017 I was lucky enough to live out one of my life long dreams. For years I have wanted to visit South Africa and get up close to the stunning wildlife. My trip only lasted 2 weeks but it was life changing, I was completely blown away! From the minute I set the date the GVI team where there to provide all the support, advice and encouragement I needed. I met so many lovely people before and during my trip. We were able to share stories and advice definitely made friends for life! South Africa is a stunning place, living within the bush was so grounding. Being so close to the wildlife was just incredible. You are made to feel such a part of the team, helping with the conservation work, taking data on the animals and helping out on base you become part of the family in a matter of days! Working alongside such knowledgeable individuals I was in awe each and everyday! Learning about the different animal groups/families, their behaviour and the impact our conservation has on their success filled me with so much passion and pride I didn't want to leave. My short trip fuelled my love for conservation and left me craving for the next adventure! Since being back in the UK I have signed up for volunteer conservation work in my local area, taken up some conservation specific study and signed up for a return trip to the beautiful Karongwe Reserve in 2019 this time staying for 6 weeks. I feel SA has a special place in my heart and I will always be grateful to GVI for allowing me to experience my life long dream! Some of most memorable moments are walking in on Kwezie the Cheetah mum watching her finish off the impala she had taken down the previous night. Spending 15mins watching the 3 Cheetah cubs chase each other around the truck, climbing the trees and generally causing mischief. Driving into the pride of Lions lazing around the Koppies with the cubs. Spending the morning carting boulders and rocks in the truck from base to a flooded road deep in the reserve, was back braking but such satisfying work, Got to see a Leopard Tortoise and track a Leopard kill while doing so too!! Being escorted up the fence line during dusk by the 3 male Cheetahs after 10 days of radio silence, was so utterly serene. My first Brae night, such a beautiful sunset against the mountains and watching a family of bats head out on their evening hunt. Our trip to Krueger spotting the baby hyaenas and seeing crazy amounts of incredible elephants. I could go on forever every bit of my 2 week trip was unforgettable! I would recommend anyone with a passion for wildlife and a love of conservation to get in touch with GVI today! YOU WONT REGRET IT!

Tess Hill

25 Nov, 2013
What an amazing experience this has been! Each day here at GVI base is a gift, although the base is rustic and has no electricity or hot water. I found that didn’t matter. The game drives are the primary focus of each day, some days are more fruitful than others but in time the rewards are huge with animal sightings. So far I have over 1600 photos to sort through when I get home!

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