Seychelles Coral Reef Ecology and Conservation Short Term Internship

Work on conservation initiatives on Mahe Island, boosting the rich and biodiverse ecosystem in the region, while also gaining formal qualifications for your own career advancement.

Durations:  4 - 12 weeks

Program information

As corals are vulnerable to climate change, conservation efforts across the globe are a priority for many marine enthusiasts. Seychelles plays host to one of GVI’s primary coral reef internships, providing the perfect setting for ecological studies assisting with the protection and preservation of the local ecosystem.

undefined 31 May 2022

Included in your program

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Learn to cook traditional Seychellois Creole dishes

Visit the Mission Ruins at Venn's Town

Paddleboard across the bay

Hike through lush forests and across rocky plateaus

Explore the ocean after dark with a night dive

Discover rare and endemic species of plants

Swim at a secret beach

Go fishing with local fishers

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