Marine Biology Research and Conservation in the Canary Islands

Contribute to marine biology research and conservation while based on the idyllic island of Tenerife.

Durations:  1 - 4 weeks

Program information

Join a marine biology research project with a focus on marine mammals when you travel to Spain’s Canary Islands. Here, you’ll be based on the island of Tenerife along with marine biologists, conservationists and other scientists, as well as volunteers from around the world. You’ll help them to collect and analyse data on whales and dolphins as well as marine and coastal habitats.

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Included in your program

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Learn to make delicious Canarian dishes

Tour Old Town Tenerife's 15th century port

Learn about the our galaxy

Bike across an active volcano

Kayak and snorkel in paradise

Hike prehistorical micro-climates and laurel forests

Cable car up an active volcano

Explore an ancient tropical forest

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