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Gap year volunteering

A gap year is a chance to – for the first time – spend a year away from more traditional school and work structures. It’s a chance to learn about the world outside the four walls of a classroom. A way to push out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself. To get to know yourself before you make decisions about your future. A year of learning, achievement, impact, and life experience.

Depending on just how much professional development you’d like to get out of your experience, you can either join a GVI gap year volunteer program or GVI gap year internship. While all GVI volunteer abroad programs include on-site training and work experience guaranteed to improve your employability, GVI internships feature even more learning opportunities, more work experience allowing you to master a wider range of skills, and often earn qualifications.

The year as you design it, for yourself. To explore. To find adventure. To change the world – and your life.

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