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Career guarantee


Successfully complete a 12+ week career or research internship and we guarantee that you’ll secure an impact-driven position within 18 months, or we’ll return 50% of your program fee.

What makes this possible?

We know what it takes

For over two decades, we’ve been training the next generation of accomplished conservation and international sustainable development professionals. We’ve also hired and managed many more. We know what it takes to succeed at an impact-driven career. 

We’ve put our insights into action

Our current team and network is made up of hundreds of local and international experts in their fields. Their knowledge, experience and unique expertise has been used to inform the design of our programs and career services. We’re also continuously improving our services according to our latest findings and new developments in research and practice.

We’re realistic and transparent

We cannot offer this career guarantee to everyone. If you’re not eligible, we’ll be clear about that upfront. Securing your first purpose-driven job can be hard work so we make sure you fully understand the requirements before you sign up.

Impact-driven careers

We’re well aware that getting a job isn’t easy and that it’s becoming more and more challenging. It’s even more difficult to secure a position that’s in line with your personal and career goals that compensates you adequately. 

Those of us who want to use our careers to make the world a better place add another layer of complications and complexities to our job hunts and career goals. 

What we’re saying is that if you choose to pursue an impact-driven career, know that some demanding obstacles lie ahead. This doesn’t make your goals impossible, but you need to know what’s required upfront. 

You’ll need time and funding to access the right information, set up a strategy and put in work consistently. 

It’s part of our core mission to train professionals skilled in achieving international sustainable development goals and we’ve designed our career and research internships to do just that. 

We’re professionally and personally invested in you pursuing a purpose-driven career and for that reason we want you to know what you’ll need to do to achieve success.

Are you eligible?

Here’s a checklist to find out: 

  • Are you legally authorised to work in one of the following countries: 
    • United Kingdom
    • United States of America
    • Canada
    • Australia?
  • Are you 21 years old or older?
  • Have you completed a bachelor’s degree?
  • Do you have 12 weeks available to complete an international internship?
  • Are you willing to complete all participant responsibilities? Some of these include completing all learning and training up to a satisfactory level of competence, completing all assignments and receiving a passing grade, taking full advantage of all the career services we provide and actively seeking out employment after graduation. 

See more details here

Yes, this sounds like me.

Please get in touch. You can use our webchat, send an email to [email protected], or give us a call at the number listed at the top and bottom of this page. For office hours in your region, see our contact info page. 

No, this doesn’t sound like me.

Our internships will still help you advance your career in an impact-driven field because we designed them that way. If you don’t meet the eligibility criteria, this just means we cannot guarantee specific outcomes. If you’d like to speak to one of our alumni whose context is similar to yours, just let us know. We can often find someone for you to speak to.

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