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Cony Pérez del Valle

What is social fabric? Without delving into the definition, it is what we have in common in a community. It is what unites and identifies us, makes us be what we are and feel part of the same culture. It is the sense of protecting, respecting, and supporting each other during good times and bad. It is all those meaningful relationships that go from friends, neighbors, coworkers, and our families.

In Cocal, it has been a long process due to the rotation of families, and because not all of them come from the same areas, countries, or cultures. That is why we have held various workshops to strengthen this network. Different people and institutions have participated gradually weaving the identity of the community.

We have had the participation of Doña Nicasia, Don Jorge, Don Geovani, and other people who have been around since the beginning of Cocal. They actively participate, thus rescuing their history in order to better understand how the community process has been.

A “Community Perceptions” workshop was held with adults and another with children, they made a community map, in which they described the environmental, social, political, and cultural aspects. They determined from their point of view, what are the safe spaces, for the promotion of recreation, if there were any problems, etc. At the end of the workshops, the results were presented to each other. It was shocking for the adults to hear from their children saying that they loved being on the beach and spending time with GVI volunteers doing the activities. However, they did not like that there was garbage, that they were afraid to hear or see violence among adults, and that they were never at home. This presentation served as an approach so that today more parents participate in the activities we carry out, ranging from cleaning to promoting activities for the children of Cocal, in addition to community development workshops.


It has not been a solitary task, various organizations such as UNED, Asomaco, the Municipality of Quepos, and hundreds of volunteers who with a warm heart and eagerness to help have connected with the people of the community have participated.

Today dreams are woven in the community, they have been growing little by little in their identity, improving in their solidarity, today they can organize to establish economic activities that benefit everyone, but, above all, they reflect that little by little they are walking towards the same destination.

“May we never lack threads to continue weaving dreams”



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