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Ali Gardner

The trek to Everest Base Camp is the most iconic trek in Nepal and arguably, the world. Over 12 days, you will walk alongside raging rivers, climb through beautiful rhododendron forest, and traverse glacial formations. It is a diverse trek in terms of both landscape and terrain.

I completed the Everest Base Camp Trek alongside four others on the GVI Adventure and Volunteering Programme. We all agreed that the walk can seem daunting just because of Everest’s status as the highest mountain in the world, but try not to be put you off by what you might read on the internet. Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness should be able to complete the trek and a passion for walking is not necessarily required to enjoy it. This is not to say that the trek is easy; the terrain is challenging and some days are long (up to 9 hours on Base Camp day), but the value of support from your guides and fellow trekkers as well as personal willpower should not be underestimated.

The popularity of the EBC trek is evident from the number of people you meet along the way, but at no point did the trail seem crowded with other hikers. Indeed, yaks and donkeys, which are used to deliver supplies to the teahouses, were our most common walking partners! That said, the teahouses can be busy, but we all enjoyed sharing experiences with other groups and, especially at altitude, were sometimes glad of a few extra bodies generating heat in the communal areas! Invariably, everyone wore t-shirts during the day, but extra thermal layers were needed for the cold mornings and at night, especially as we climbed higher.

I completed the Annapurna Circuit, another popular trek in Nepal, ten days before setting off for EBC. Although the scenery on both treks is stunning, the mountains seemed much bigger and better on EBC! If you’re interested in travelling to Nepal, I would highly recommend including this trek in your itinerary. The landscape is truly breath-taking and the sense of achievement when you reach Base Camp so worth it.


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