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Ever thought about immersing yourself into a wholly diverse culture and lifestyle? Wonder what it would be like to make a genuine contribution to a community’s development? Want to take the first step into adventure?

Well, you’re not alone. Join the ever-growing number of teens all over the world wanting to make a difference as a part of GVI’s India based volunteer program for teens.  

Being able to go on an adventure while making a life-changing impact seem too good to be true? Read on to see how GVI makes it possible.

The beginning of discovery: explore Kerala


Renowned as a tropical symphony with its ever-flowing backwaters and rich culture, each day in Kerala offers new opportunities for adventure.

Outlined with 370 miles of glorious Arabian Sea coast, it is unsurprising that this state is viewed as a place of serenity. Indeed, every step taken along the Kerala coastline is accompanied by the tranquil melody of rippling waves from afar.

As a teen volunteer, you will spend one week working on vital construction projects – to develop infrastructure in local slums – and one week on adventure.

On your arrival weekend, you will embark on a trip to the major port city of Kochi. Here you will discover an intriguing blend of countries and cultures: with giant fishing nets introduced by 14th-century Chinese explorers, a 400-year-old synagogue, ancient mosques, Portuguese-built houses, as well as artifacts from the region’s colonial past.



Your adventure week includes a trip into the lush Western Ghats. Containing 27% of India’s flowering plants and an array of wildlife, your trip to this mountain range will have you captivated by a sea of green on top of rising hills.

An adventure trip will also be taken into the Indian jungle, where you can immerse yourself in what Mother Nature truly has to offer. While there, you can enjoy a wide range of activities: including scenic guided treks, camping, visits to mountain villages, as well as tours of emerald-green tea plantations.

To envisage all of these things as a young adult would be truly eye-opening and is an experience not to be missed!

Help to build up local communities

volunteer opportunities for teens


During your week of construction volunteering, you will contribute to improving the health and wellbeing of local people by aiding in the infrastructural development of underprivileged communities in Kerala.

Depending on the needs of local communities during your trip, you might work on constructing eco-toilets, homes and food gardens, or helping to improve learning environments by refurbishing schools.

Ready to work on impactful projects, learn about a different culture, and meet fellow teen volunteers from all over the world? Speak to a member of our team today.  

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