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Lily Mackow-McGuire

GVI’s Cambodia hub has launched! As of this week, we are teaching six different English classes daily to a variety of community members across the province of Kampong Cham, Cambodia. Read more on how we set up our fantastic new projects!

Setting up our projects 

We have had a busy few months of preparing to launch the GVI Cambodia hub, from deciding on where our projects would be most effective to researching into what GVI could support with. What we learnt was that community members wanted more education in gender equality, health and English. Furthermore, communities outside of the capital were less able to access education. Therefore, we decided to set up in the province of Kampong Cham: three hours from the capital it is a bustling city bursting with temples, lush Cambodian landscapes and picturesque views of the Mekong River. It has a young population, eager to learn and welcoming of our support.

Meeting local NGO’s

Our next step to our setting up was to establish strong relationships with local NGO’s based in Kampong Cham. Collaborating with long term, local NGO’s ensures that we have the best understanding of the needs of the community. We worked hard to find some incredible local partners who are dedicated to improving the quality of education, opportunities and lives of the most marginalized and economically disadvantaged young people across the province. Our partners run a whole host of extra classes for their students, training in vocational skills, workshops in health and more. Our aim is to add capacity to our local partners by providing English classes for their students as well as health and women’s empowerment classes.

Our first week of teaching

This week we started by launching all of our English classes! So how has our first week of teaching been? We have had a roller-coaster ride from TEFL training on Monday to leading monk classes of over thirty students on Tuesday morning. Our students are all beginners to English- with some having picked up phrases or numbers here and there. This means we have been teaching Jolly Phonics: a method of explaining to our students what sound corresponds with what letter. Our classes have been full of ‘roars’ as we teach the sound ‘r’, imitating a snake as we learn ‘s’ and feigning dramatic injury as we learn to blend letters such as ‘ou’.

Our set up has been an exciting few months that have culminated in a brilliant week of teaching over 200 students. Keep track of our journey as we take on our second week of classes and welcome our next batch of volunteers!

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