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Hannah Westcott


This poem was written and performed by Carole and Tom on the eve of their departure from Nepal.

When you reflect back, its incredible to note what an impact communities and experiences have had on you as individuals, its not always about what I am bringing.

On the eve of our last day

It is sad for us to say

That it’s time to say good-bye

To the staff of GVI.


A few words of thanks for GVI and all of you

For making this experience so meaningful and true

We couldn’t have guessed how lucky we’d be

To volunteer with a group so full of congeniality.


Thank you to Chetra and Pashupati

For your delicious meals and hospitality

Thank you Sita, Rhythm, Sarah and Bibek

For expertly managing our projects

You brought us on board and showed us the ropes

And our experiences exceeded our highest hopes.


Thank you Cheryl and Hannah for welcoming us warmly

You managed the team ever so skillfully

And always addressed our queries so promptly

We felt cared for and attended to, unquestionably.


To Bianca, Issie, Ashleigh,

Hellie, Rachel and Cindy,

So youthful and smart

Your attitudes truly set you apart

We both learned from you

That there’s always more you can do

When you open your heart

To those in need of a jump start.


So, until we meet again

May your futures be a perfect ‘10’

We are off to Kathmandu

Far better for having known all of you!


~ Carole & Tom

GVI volunteers, February 2019

Burlington, Vermont, USA

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