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Aimee Robinson

It’s the beginning of the school holidays in Kerala India, which is always an interesting time for our team. Many of the schools we partner with are closed and giving their students a well-deserved break after exams. In the lead up to the holidays our team has been working on developing summer programs for multiple partners. We hoped to engage students in a more creative learning style as well as develop English language skills. The actual outcome was so much more than we had hoped.


The first summer program was with a new partner about an hour away from our base. In the lead up to the program our team worked tirelessly to develop a program that would challenge the students to think creatively and critically while developing their English language skills. We also wanted to help the students understand different aspects of business; encourage them to build and develop team work skills; and teach them how to delegate work. The program we designed asked the students to develop an ad campaign surrounding a product they designed. As a team we researched the process, designed the structure of the program and got to work.


The first week was spent doing team building exercises, learning about product development and budgeting, and facilitating interactive learning classes about marketing skills. Each GVI team member facilitated a group of up to 10 students, providing direction and advice where needed. The second week was spent in the product design and marketing. The students used the information gathered in the first week to support the successful design and marketing of their product.


The final day of the program was used to showcase their designs and advertise them in a science fair display. Parents, teachers and friends came to the fair and wandered through the brilliant show of product designs and marketing skills. Products such as solar powered smart phones, rocket chairs and glasses that helped you find what you’ve lost were some of the excellent final products from the two-week program.


To wrap up the program, we held a celebration of the students work. The GVI India Country Director and school Head Master both gave speeches congratulating the students on their achievements and every participant was given a certificate for their work.


Over the next two months our team will be working to develop and facilitate other summer programs for our partners and we are so excited to see where this leads us.


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