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Kenneth Green

Week 5’s done already…CRAZY! Just one more week here in Kochi, and it’s absurd to think that the time has flown by so fast. By now, we’re definitely settled in the routine of each week and have a good grip on all the different things we’ve been doing. I think the added familiarity and comfort have shown in the places we volunteer and in our planning sessions, which have been going a lot quicker and smoother. Things that might have taken hours the first week seem to go pretty quickly now. 

Monday and Tuesday with the women in the computer course went well. It’s awesome to see how excited the women are to learn new things and to watch them learn about using the internet. They’ve been working so hard to grasp concepts that are pretty unfamiliar, and it’s amazing to see how much they’ve been able to do in short period of time. They love talking to us about their kids and asking us about our families. I could tell you everything from what some women had for dinner last night to what profession some of their kids have. Their fascination with the concepts and general excitement to learn about computers is encouraging and motivating.  

On Tuesday and Thursday, we went back to PRS. PRS also went well this week. A lot of the men were more active than usual and definitely more participatory in some of the activities we had planned. I had a lot of great conversations and got to know a lot of new people. This week, we started a new game that they all seemed to really like. We got some old plastic water bottles, filled them up with a little water, put some rice in two socks, and made a make-shift target practice game. They’ve really enjoyed this one and it was cool to see some of them getting so involved beyond some of the activities we’ve already been doing. 

On Wednesday and Thursday, we taught our normal gender classes at the two schools we volunteer at. Not going to lie and say that all the lessons went over so perfectly…but we did have a rockin’ class on Thursday. The lesson on Thursday was about relationships, and we learned about family relationships, friendships, and intimate relationships. All the students were really engaged in the activities we had planned and they put some great energy into class. It’s sad to think that we only have two more sessions with them. 

As per usual, we finished Friday with some debriefs and evaluations. We’re spending this weekend here in Kochi, and we’re still deciding on what we’re going to do. Crazy to think that we’re on the final stretch of our time in India…

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