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Cape Town staff

I decided that the best way to spend my first weekend in South Africa would be to go to Cape Town. Accompanied by the best crew, I was determined to make the most of my first weekend in South Africa. Upon our arrival in Cape Town, our first adventure was, of course, to find food. We wondered around until we found a quaint little café called Knead, which was located a couple blocks from our hostel. Aside from being a cute little café, this place was a delicious treat. As a crew, we decided our next adventure would be to visit Cape Town’s famous Table Mountain. Along the cable car ride up, we enjoyed the stunning views of Cape Town. We adventured around the peak of Table Mountain  and took hundreds of pictures of the scenery. As we enjoyed the beautiful sunset, we huddled together to brave the cold winds. Friday nights festivities included an authentic Thai dinner and many, many laughs.

Saturday’s weather called for overcast skies all day and a chilling wind to match. But, we were still determined the make some more new memories in this beautiful city. To start the day, we headed over to Old Biscuit Mill for some good food and some light shopping at various local stands. Old Biscuit Mill was a great treat because it includes hundreds of local vendors selling handmade items. It was truly exciting to see different corners of the world colliding together under one gigantic tent. We left Old Biscuit Mill with full stomachs and many souvenirs. To continue the day, we travelled down to the V & A Waterfront. We continued our shopping and toured around the Waterfront until we stumbled upon a nice place to have dinner. We enjoyed an exquisite dinner at Life Grand Café before heading back in for the night.

Of course, a trip to South Africa would not be complete without going on an African Safari. After a good night’s rest, we woke up before the sun was up to prepare for our three-hour game drive at Inverdoorn. Along the nearly 3-hour drive from Cape Town to Inverdoorn, we watched the sunrise and admired the variety of beautiful views. Along the way, we stopped at several sightseeing stops to enjoy the beautiful landscape including Preacher’s Rock and Bainskloof Pass. Halfway through the drive we stopped in the small town of Ceres for breakfast at a local café. At Inverdoorn, we were given a three-hour beautiful and equally educational ride through the game reserve where we saw every animal you could possibly dream of seeing in Africa. Cape Town is always a wonderful time because there is such a wide variety of activities to partake in, as well as amazing cuisine to enjoy.

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