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Martial BE

An internship with GVI is something that you should do at least once in your lifetime. I have enjoyed my first week as an intern. What I like most about the lifestyle in the village is that it is very similar to the way of living in the rural areas in my home country. Eating rice, hiking everyday, and living a simple life. There is only one thing that is a bit challenging to me, that is the morning temperature, but I hope I will get to used to that later on. I also like the landscapes but sadly the forest is reduced in size due to the farming system.

First of all, my first week was very good because I enjoyed every single hike that I have done. The elephants are super cool and the bio hikes are nice too. Seeing the behaviour of the animals is very fascinating in their natural habitat. Also, I like the way that all volunteers and interns are working well together everyday. The local community is very hospitable and very friendly too. Apart from the hikes, teaching English at the primary school is an amazing experience.

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