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Conservation Lessons

It’ unbelievable that this is already my third week here in Cap Ternay! Time has really flown by, having to learn so many things about diving, doing the duty work or getting to know the people on base. Although diving takes most of our time here in the Seychelles, I got to experience something different last week.

As a part of the community work that GVI supports, volunteers get the chance to teach students of the International School Seychelles about the marine life. In groups of two we prepared a lesson on different topics to give on the beach ‘classroom’. My topic was marine camouflage while the other group taught the kids about life cycles of marine animals.

We started the preparation work about three days before the event. After a short period of brainstorming we had a pretty good idea of underwater camouflage and continued with the script of the lesson. We had a list of keywords to teach the children, and this also helped us to structure the lesson and split it into little chunks. The next step was to draw out our supporting facts and information on a board. Since my partner and I are both not very artistic people we weren’t sure how that would turn out but luckily we managed to draw some octopus, sharks and fish. The last thing to prepare was a short game which we wanted to play with the children to consolidate the 15 minute lesson. The other volunteers and staff were really helpful coming up with ideas of how to keep the children entertained with a fun game.

With all the preparation work done I slowly started to get a bit nervous as I’m not used to teaching children, plus English is not my first language. But at the exact moment I saw the students arrive on the beach I wasn’t nervous anymore, just excited. We separated the kids so our two groups of volunteers had to give their lesson twice. The kids turned out to be really smart and interested so giving the lesson was great fun. They asked a lot of questions and we tried to answer them with the best of our knowledge so that they would learn a lot of knew things about the underwater world. I was really enjoying playing the game on the beach with the kids, even though everybody was covered in sand afterwards. Unfortunately the final big game at the end for all of the students and volunteers was rained off. We’ve definitely had too much of it in the last week. The session was a great experience for me and I hope for the children as well.

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