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Volunteering After Your A-Levels

Do you want to explore post-school options other than going straight to university? More young people are setting themselves apart by going on an educational program abroad instead. It’s called experiential education, and gives you an immersive cultural education through practical field work. It’s the up-and-coming, best way to grow yourself and create the future you know you want.

Volunteering or interning abroad after receiving your A-level gives you an opportunity to see what career options are available in the wider world, while gaining valuable practical and leadership skills. You also give yourself the time and space needed before making any big decisions about your future education. 

Not to mention, it could be the adventure of a lifetime. Explore the world and its cultures, get out of your comfort zone, find a community of like minded people, and put your passions into practice. 

What are you waiting for?

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